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Happy Summer 2023!!! - Scroll down for prices and discounts
Guarantee your pool stays WARM! with a wood fired pool heater!!!

Get The ONLY 100% U.S.A. Made Wood Fired Swimming Pool Heater
25+ years of building reliable, quality wood pool heaters, no other heater comes close to what we build.
[The only pool heater(of any type) with a 5 year No Fault 100% Warranty]
Become Independent from the Gas and Electric company, heat your pool with wood.
We Ship Air & Ocean to Australia - Canada - United Kingdom - Europe, Call for Specials!
All heaters now come with Stainless Steel Chimneys as you can see below in some newer pictures
(We offer 2 foot and 4 foot solid lengths, you can make it as tall as you want)
(For $60 extra we can replace the standard galvanized open rain cap with an all Stainless Steel Spark Arrestor cap)

Prices below are our lowest Winter discount, on sale through Feb 28th
(Winter special = FREE SHIPPING in the USA and no taxes to pay!!!)
WWS-80 = $3,995.00 - Best for pools under 15,000 gallons
WWS-120 = $4,895.00 - Best for pools under 25,000 gallons
WWS-200 = $6,295.00 - Best for pools under 35,000 gallons
WWS-320 = $7,495.00 - Best for pools under 50,000 gallons
Pre-order Special - Order now & take a big discount for a future delivery date
June 25th to July 20th = No extra discount, we build and ship it as fast as we can right now.
July 20th to August 20th = no shipping available
August 20th to September 10th, $400 off
(As of June 24th, almost sold out, only 2 heaters left to sell here)
September 10th to October 30th = $700 off (Plenty Available)
October 30th or later shipping date of your choice = $1,000 off

It's not a gimmick, I'm not inflating our prices to compensate, we make a lot less money on the far out scheduled deliveries
with the big discount but it's the only way to make everyone happy. We get soooooo busy from February to April with orders
that we can't build and ship them all right away fast enough and it works much better for everyone to pick an agreed upon
delivery window and I feel the customer deserves a good discount for that. I won't sell you a heater, promise you 3 weeks
and take 2 months, too many companies do that. Once a time slot fills up, I'll remove that offer so that I DO NOT
over-sell and dissapoint people with slow service. These heaters are 100% hand made by me(the owner) and my employees.
They are a work of art, yes a production item but still all hand built with precision and a lot of time and care.
We do not cut corners or hurry up and rush out heaters in Spring when we are busiest, I won't do that.
This is a heater you will be proud to own, love, brag about and cherrish with your family for over 20 years!!!

SALT WATER POOLS - Yes, our stainless steel water manifolds work but it is
best to upgrade to the higher Marine grade type 316 seamless schedule 40 pipes, specifically
made for salt, ocean or food processing, to avoid any corrosion and possible leaks.
Call us for pricing, it can vary from $325 to $1,600 on our 4 heaters, it is expensive
but well worth it and comes with a 10 year warranty from us, instead of 5.
Nobody in the industry offers this quality of Stainless or the long warranty like we do.
Product features and specifications
All heaters are made of 12 gauge steel, with 1/4" inch thick doors & firebrick lined fireboxes. They are fully insulated with 1.0" inch thick 8lb density fire insulation to provide maximum heat transfer, efficiency & safety; keeping the exterior from getting excessively hot.
All heaters are tankless. Your pool pump pushes a continuous flow of water through the stainless steel heat exchanger, while the fire burns through the pipes in the top of the heater, above the firebox, heating the water. +++NOTE+++ WATER JACKET type pool heaters have a lot of problems, we have tried many desings like this in the past and none of them are reliable or repairable, you can't take them apart to clean or fix them and anyone who makes them can not warranty them. Our design & quality is a 20+ year product.
Our model # is the amount (in feet) of stainless steel pipe in the heat exchanger.
The more pipe you have, the more efficient the heater is, the less wood you burn and the faster you heat the pool because the water comes out of the stove hotter. (If you have a big pool and need a powerful heater, we have it)

These 2 pictures are very close to proportional in size, showing the Extra Large being 9" taller.
Large WWS-80

Pools & Spas up to 25,000 gallons

Extra Large WWS-120

Pools & Spas up to 35,000 gallons
Glass door upgrade available for $95, $155 on WWS-320

  • 100% Type 304 Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger
    (80 total feet of pipe, handles up to 65-70 GPM)

  • BTU input to the water of 100,000 to 125,000 per hour.
       (Adding wood every 1.0 to 1.5 hours)

  • Comes with a 24" long, 8" diameter stainless steel chimney
       pipe, galvanized rain cap & magnetic thermometer.

  • Measures 35" high x 23" wide x 33" long and weighs 475 lbs.
       (Top Of Chimney Cap with 1 stove pipe = 5.5 feet)

  • Inside of fire box measures 28" deep 18" wide and 20" tall.

  • Can heat a 12,000 gallon pool by 1.0 full degree per hour with a
       good fire, solar cover and air temps over 55.

  • Painted with heavy duty exterior Hi-Temp Satin glossy black paint.

  • Capable of increasing the water temp from 65 to 85 degrees in 2 days on a 15,000 gallon pool, while covered with a solar blanket.

  • 100% Type 304 Stainless steel Heat Exchanger
    (123 total feet of pipe, handles up to 65-70 GPM)

  • BTU input to the water of 150,000 to 175,000 per hour
       (Adding wood every 1.0 to 1.5 hours)

  • Comes with a 24" long, 8" diameter stainless steel chimney
       pipe, galvanized rain cap & magnetic thermometer.

  • Measures 44" high x 23" wide x 33" long and weighs 650 lbs.
       (Top Of Chimney Cap with 1 stove pipe = 6.5 feet)

  • Inside of fire box measures 28" deep 18" wide and 20" tall.

  • Can heat a 20,000 gallon pool by 1.0 of a degree per hour with a
       good fire, solar blanket and air temps above 55.

  • Painted with heavy duty exterior Hi-Temp Satin glossy black paint.

  • Capable of increasing the water temp from 65 to 85 degrees in 2 days on a 25,000 gallon pool while covered with a solar blanket.

  • Built 100% in the United States, our wood fired pool heaters are the perfect alternative to high gas or electric utility bills. With our exclusive design, you get a return flow into your pool which is heated instantly by 4-20 degrees(depends on heater size). Not only is the running cost of the heater FREE because any kind of wood can be used, but you don't need to pay an electrician or gas-propane company to install your heater & run gas pipes. Most customers install the heater themselves, it is quite simple with only 2 pipes to connect, inlet and outlet. No electric or gas connections needed! This is the obvious choice for extending your pool season and enjoying your Spring/Summer months without the worry of expensive bills and a cool weather spell ruining your plans.
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    Shipping rates are determined by your zip code. Most customers can expect to pay $150-$250 for delivery to a commercial address or by picking it up from the local trucking terminal. Home delivery to your driveway with a special lift gate truck is an extra $55 to $75.

    All heaters ship 1-3 days after the order is placed and it takes 2-5 business days to arrive. We send the tracking information to your email address, this allows you to track your shipment & find out when it will arrive.

    We use ABF Freight for many deliveries(click below to visit their site)

    We also use R+L Carriers in some areas(click below to visit their site)
    We Ship World Wide: International Shipping Page (click here)
    - United States - Canada - Australia - United Kingdom -
    We are always looking for new customers & dealers World Wide
    We get great ocean/air international shipping rates with these 2 companies.

    United Kingdom distribution is out of London, England.
    Europe distribution is out of Bruxelles, Belgium.
    Distribution in Canada is near Toronto, Ontario
    (We can ship directly to your house in the United Kingdom & Canada)

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    Desired water temps
    Length of season desired.

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