Wood Heater Parts & Accessories
Here you will find all the extra parts and add-on's that you can purchase with your heater.

(Call to ask about our new: Fire Poker - Stainless Steel Chimney Pipe & Cap - Stainless Steel Doors)

Pete Port & Digital Thermometer
(Accurately measure the incoming and outgoing water temperatures of the heater to see the increase in temperature that you are producing)
--Excellent way to fine tune your fire burning skills and efficiency by making sure you are getting the best results possible--
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This picture shows 2 thermometers and a temp. rise of 7.0 degrees, this was on the large heater. A 2nd thermometer can be purchased for $22.00

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View of Thermometer through the Pete Plug and into the T-pipe, where it will measure your water temperature.

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We have 2 thermometer brands that we use, Taylor(Yellow) and Polder(Gray).
Why 2 brands? Because our supplier can sometimes runs out of 1 type for awhile.

View Of Installed Pete Port

The 2 brass Pete Plugs are threaded into the T-pipes, & installed on both the inlet & outlet of the wood heater. Push the digital thermometer into the Pete Plug and down into the water stream. The Pete plug automatically seal's as you remove the thermometer or instert it (NO LEAKS). The thermometer reports the water temp. to 0.1 of a degree, and updates every 2 seconds. Not only is this kit helpful, but it is quite a bit of fun to use.
Complete Kit Includes Two 1.5 inch T-pipes (Pete Plugs inserted) and 1 thermometer. PRICE = $65.00
- Order this kit with the Bypass Valve kit and save $10.00 -

Water Bypass Valve Kit
HIGHLY recommended for all installations. There are 4 good reasons to install the pool heater like this.
1. Regulate water flow through the heater, reducing back presure on the pump. Most common with 1.5 Horse power water pumps or larger.
2. During long periods of not burning the pool heater, it's a good idea to shut off the water through it & drain the water out of the drain plugs(included with all stoves).
3. If the heater was to leak for some reason, you could shut off the water to the pool heater and keep your pool pump/filter running, while you fix the leak.
4. If you need to SHOCK chlorinate the pool, or anytime your water PH level is not great, the heat exchangers life will be extended if you shut off the water for 1 day.

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This shows you a perfect Bypass setup with 3 ball valves.

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This is a great example of a 3-valve bypass setup, with the digital thermometer kit.

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A standard schedule 40 PVC shut-off ball valve. Available in 1.5 and 2.0 inch. (slip to slip glue fittings)
Bypass Valve Kit includes 3 ball valves and 2 T-pipes (1.5" or 2.0" available).
Complete Kit Price=$45.00
(Single 1.5 inch Valves = $13.00, 2.0 inch = $16.00)
(If you have 2.0 inch plumbing, we give you one 2.0" valve, & two 1.5" valves, plus two reducer couplers from 2.0" to 1.5") The wood heater takes 1.5" plumbing

Pool Hose Adapter Kit

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This kit is for customers who want to hook up the wood pool heater up to an above ground pool using hoses, not pvc pipe. We recommend installing a water bypass valve kit and then gluing on these adapters, as seen in the picture directly above.

The kit includes what you see in both pictures, Two 1.5 inch pvc couplers (Female threads to slip), two male threaded nylon fittings and 2 radiator hose clamps.

The pool hose will tightly slide over the nylon barbed fitting & be clamped on with the radiator hose clamps, it's very simple.

Price = $15.00

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Standard Heater Parts
This is standard 24" inch long, single wall steel stove pipe. 1 piece comes standard with each stove. Additional pieces can be added to make a higher chimney. If you order extra stove pipes, they will be shipped with your heater at no additional shipping cost. Please mention your request when placing an order.
All 3 Heaters = 8" Diameter = $18.00 ea.
This vent cap comes standard with all heaters.
1 extra cap PRICE = $19.00
This is our standard thermometer which comes with all heaters. This high quality magnetic thermometer is used to determine the temperature of your stove pipe, which is directly related to how well the water is being heated while running through your heater.
PRICE = $17.00 ea.

You have no shipping charges on Accessories when ordered with a Pool Heater.
If you need any parts, not being shipped with a heater, Shipping/Handling is based on your zip code. Please call for rates.
(Multiple items will get a shipping discount)

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