Wood Pool Heater Installation Instructions

PLUMBING: The unit has two positions labeled INLET & OUTLET. These are 1-1/2" schedule 40 PVC Pipe "Glue type Fittings". Cut into the pool’s return line after it leaves the filter and run pipe to Inlet position. Then, run pipe from Outlet position back to remaining segment of pool’s return line.
We recommend that you install on 1-1/2" PVC Tee. If you use a tee in this position, it will make it easier to winterize the unit. Install a drain plug in the bottom of each tee & simply remove these plugs to winterize. (see winterize instructions below) You may experience back-pressure on your pressure gauge at the filter after installing the unit. If so, installation of a bypass line and valve will eliminate the problem. If this is necessary, open the valve just enough to relieve the back-pressure.
WINTERIZE: Remove drain plugs on bottom of the Tees at the Inlet and Outlet positions, blow compressed air into the outlet position tee until all water quits coming out of inlet position tee.

HANDLING: Always lift the unit from the bottom. Never try to lift by the top plate. While on the pallet, use a pallet jack or lift truck to move. After removing from pallet, a two- wheeler may be used on the side of the unit opposite the manifold cover box, left side facing the front of the unit.
INSTALLING: Place the unit three feet from existing buildings or obstructions. Do Not put unit in any enclosure (leave outside).
ASSEMBLY: Inside the unit, you will find a 24" piece of 6" stove pipe with crimping on both ends. One end of the pipe has a small ring at the end of the crimping. Install this end in the stove, put the cap on the other end and position the temperature indicator approximately halfway up the pipe.

1. Make sure your pump is running and is flowing through the unit, if for any reason the water flow is interrupted (power outage, etc.) extinguish the fire immediately.

2. Place small kindling in the fire-box, set the material directly on the fire brick bottom (Don't use a log rack). To ignite, use paper or a fireplace starter log, never use liquid flammable materials, once the fire is started, add larger logs and keep the fire box full. When operating at full capacity, it will be necessary to add wood every two hours depending on the type of wood used. At night, fill the firebox and close the draft doors, it will usually only maintain the pool temperature at night. In the morning, after 8 to IO hours, you should have a good bed of coals to start the daytime burning procedure again.

3. Draft Control: When first getting the fire started, open draft control doors completely open. You can even leave the door ajar to get additional draft, if needed. Leave draft doors open until the temperature indicator on the chimney reads in the efficient range, at that point adjust draft control and add wood to keep the temperature in the efficient range. When operating in the efficient range, you should get a 3 to 6 degree temperature difference between water going into the heater versus water returning to the pool.

4. When heating your pool, you should use a solar or thermal blanket to reduce the loss of heat generated, this is especially important at night.

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