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This page is designed to showcase installations and feeback from our customers across the country. As you look down the page you will see many different installation ideas, along with direct testimonial from each customer about how they like there Wood Fired Pool Heater. We encourage all of our customers to send in a picture and a brief description of their success and we look forward to adding you to our page. Please enjoy our collection of installation pictures/stories and hopefully this will help you get a vision of how our wood heater will look in your back yard.

[Richard - Surgoinsville, Tennessee - July 12, 2013 - Inground 14,000 gallon outdoor pool]
Attached are a few pictures of the heater install I did here myself.
I am so very impressed with your design. The unit actually does better than you post! Heats my pool [14,000 gallons]
at a rate of almost 2 degrees per hour with a full fire! Love those 'Pete's Ports'!

My wife and the grand kids love it!
Can't get enough of the pool this year compared to last year.

Yes we are in Tennessee, but we are in the mountains in Northeast Tennessee and the evenings can be cool. Add to that the massive amounts of rain we have had this year, and without your heater we would have had a disappointing season to date.
Using your wood fired stove/furnace has made all the difference in the world.
True, it does take some firewood and you do need to service the fire if you want FAST results, but I knew that going in.
What I really like is the size of the fire box and that I can stoke it up at night and have a wonderful bed of embers the next morning!
WOW what a great design, reference the lower door assembly for draft control. It is AWESOME!

Plumbing, well you can see I went the extra mile with that, but that is the way I am. I plumbed in a few options for myself,
i.e. bypass valves, etc. and all works wonderfully!

I want to thank you personally for the help over the phone, the speed of delivery and the all around professionalism you expressed to a 'new customer'.
Thank you and my family thanks you also.

Please feel free to use any or all of this email as you deem appropriate. I hope it helps other folks in their decision to purchase your products.
Truly well made and great to be able to buy AMERICAN!

God Bless and keep up the good work. Richard Valentino


[ Donna & Doug - Woodside,CA - Summer 2011 Pool= inground 25,000 gallons ]     

[ Vince - Moscow,PA - Summer 2011 Pool= inground 20,000 gallons ]     

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