Warm Water Solutions Warranty & Return Policy

        All of our Wood Fired Pool Heaters are covered by a Five-year manufacturer's limited warranty. During this period, if there is an operational defect in the heater, report it to us at www.woodpoolheaters.com for further information. Pictures of the defect, via e-mail, will be required in some cases to determine appropriate action. If we determine the defect is caused by our manufacturing process, we will ship you a replacement part at no cost. Defects are highly unlikely in our product. Each heater is 100% pressure tested before shipment. The heater only has 3 main parts which are required for proper function, the 2 doors and the stainless steel heat exchanger. Not much can really go wrong, which is one of the greatest things about having our product, complete 100% reliability. The 5 year limited warranty does not cover onsite warranty service or repair from us, if required & approved by us, a 3rd party repair company could be used at your house.

        If a repair item is needed and not covered under warranty, then a replacement part can be purchased from www.woodpoolheaters.com and shipped to the customer.

        If a heater is believed to be defective and not repairable at your house, it will need to be returned to our factory for repair and testing. The customer is responsible for placing the wood heater onto a wood pallet (wrapping it with cardboard and shrinkwrap or tape), in front of their house, for pick up by our trucking company. Upon arrival, we will inspect the heater for damage and also make any necessary repairs to return the heater to original operating conditions*. If we determine the repairs were needed due to improper use, not covered under the limited warranty, the customer will be responsible for full shipping/handling charges to and from our factory, in addition to repair costs. No product refunds will be issued for damaged heaters if the damage is not covered under warranty. You will be required to pay all shipping fees for the return of your heater. If you decline to pay shipping fees on the return of your heater, then it will stay at our manufacturing plant & become our property. If the repairs are needed due to a manufacture defect, the customer will not be responsible for any shipping/handling charges and we will return the heater to the customer in fully restored condition or simply replace the heater with a new unit if needed. If we determine your heater is not performing up to standard operating conditions*, after we give it a full test fire for 3-4 hours, then you will be eligible for a full refund or brand new replacement at no cost.
NOTE: In our 14 years, nothing in the above paragraph has ever happened to a customer.

        Warm Water Solutions, Inc. does not offer full refunds to customers who are simply unhappy with our product. We will work with you, in every way possible, to provide resources and knowledge to efficiently heat your swimming pool with our product. Our heaters are guaranteed to work and perform under the standard operating conditions*. It is impossible to burn a large hot fire in the heater and NOT be able to heat your water. Depending on many factors and conditions, it is possible to not heat up your entire swimming pool in a satisfactory manner. The fact that your pool is not heating up quickly, does not mean the wood heater is not performing as advertised. For more information on how to fully and effectively heat your pool without failure, please click here. FAQ

Customer is responsible for the following regular scheduled maintenance items
        1.  Regular exterior touch ups with a can of high temperature black BBQ spray paint. (which we provide with every heater)
             (To avoid developing rust on the exterior of the unit and protect the steel and look) - contact us to order extra paint, do not use a store bought brand
        2.  Apply high temperature grease to the 2 door hinges; recommended Spring/Fall.
        3.  Drain all water from heat exchanger before extended period of non-use. (after water self drains, blow compressed air in the upper pipe
             to let any extra water run out the lower pipe.
             (Specifically when closing the pool for winter, or non-use during summer)

Limited Warranty Covers
        1.  Broken welds on door hinges.
        2.  Any defective portion of the heater that is imperative to proper operation.
        3.  Leak in stainless steel heat exchanger not caused by freezing or improper chemical balance.

Limited Warranty Does Not Cover
        1.  Slight warping of the steel stove body. (Minor warping can sometimes occur but will not effect operation of the heater)
        2.  Melting/warping of plastic pvc water pipes due to insufficient water flow.
        3.  Rust or color fade developing on the interior or exterior of the unit.
        4.  Broken/cracked firebrick. (Not crucial to operation of heater, you can buy firebrick locally(cheap). If needed we can ship you a few)
        5.  Leak in stainless steel heat exchanger caused by corrosion due to poor water chemistry.

*Standard Operating Conditions
        “Standard operating conditions” means the heater is working up to original advertised specifications. If your heater is returned, we will test fire it with cured/seasoned dry split hard wood, usually oak or mesquite logs in 20-28 inch lengths for 3-4 hours. During this burn, we will monitor the incoming and outgoing water temperatures with our pete ports and digital thermometer set, available for sale here Accessories Page. If the outgoing water temperature and btu output is in range of the specific model heater, then the heater is considered to be working under “advertised conditions”. If the customer is not achieving these results, it is not the fault of the wood heater, but more likely the type of wood and or conditions in which the customer is experiencing. For tips on proper operating procedures and conditions for peak performance, please visit our FAQ page.

If you have further questions or need clarification on any point of the warranty, please contact us.
Click here: Jason@warmwatersolutions.com
Phone: 1-866-966-3487

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